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Fanal ok, how do I get my wine install back to normal now I'm trying to use a game I purchased about a week ago? recon_lap: by setting your password correctly. :) or get them back. recon_lap: and no, just format/reinstall ubuntu I mean the wine install, you can't change it, you need to delete it and install it again? recon_lap: it's already installed, but it is in a bad state, and you need to change the password it is using. recon_lap: or if you have your files backed up, you can get it back from there. ok, how do I change the wine password from the settings in the launcher. you can also check the home directory under ~/.wine/ if there is a file there. I see no place to change the password there recon_lap: you would change it via the password application. in the system settings. hmm, says no install, can I install it manually? but to do that you will need to access the home directory. ok ok, not working, still getting wine not found, "any chance you have a bad install" :) recon_lap: are you using kubuntu? I know you said 12.04, but this might apply to your version as well. well, i'm going to reinstall with my home on a seperate partition recon_lap: what version of kubuntu do you have? lsb_release -r 12.10 12.10



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Ford Blaupunkt Travelpilot Fx Sd Navigation Europe 2012 Download
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